Over the past month or so we’ve gotten a good number of questions about this, so I thought it would be best to post something here to help spread the word. Recently, a new domain registration scam has been going around from the “DOMAIN REGISTRATION SEO SERVICE Corp.” trying to get you to send them money.

If you receive an email from “Domain Services” or something similar that looks like the screenshot below, please ignore it. This is an attempt to get you to send them money. They do not hold the rights to your domain registration. If you read the email closely you will see that what they’re trying to have you pay for is actually “domain registration search engine submission” whatever that means.

domain scam(click image for full size)

This screenshot was sent to us by one of our customers (personal information has been removed) because he thought we had registered his domain name and was confused why this company was emailing them a renewal notice. As you can see, they try to trick you into thinking that it’s a renewal notice for your domain registration hoping that you’ll send them $54.00.

This company (and others like it) gathers as many email accounts as it can from WhoIs searches and sends this email out to any email address they can get. If you receive an email like this please disregard and delete it. It is nothing more than a scam trying to get you to send them money for essentially nothing.

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