email spoofingWith the advances in email technology, spammers are finding more creative ways to get their messages in your inbox, and more importantly, to have you open these messages. One of the tricks that these spammers use is known as email spoofing.

What is email spoofing, exactly? Email spoofing is when a spammer changes the header so that the “from” address looks like a legitimate email address to trick both spam filters as well as the email recipients. These spammers send out legitimate looking emails posing as addresses you would recognize – either from friends, popular stores like, or even worse, a popular bank like Chase or Bank of America. All of this is in an attempt to get you to open the email and follow the instructions inside.

Opening emails from spoofers can lead to big time losses. These emails will try to trick you into clicking on a link or downloading an attachment. This, in turn, will install a malicious program on your computer that will easily allow hackers to steal your identity, credit card information, social security number, and other personal information without you ever knowing it.

These hackers can also spoof your email address to pose as you and send emails to people you know. People are more inclined to open emails from addresses they recognize, and the hackers rely on this to get their malware spread far and wide.

What can be done to protect yourself from email spoofing? The first, most important thing to do, is make sure you only open emails from addresses you trust. This minimizes your risk of downloading a malicious file. Even if you do open an email, be sure you carefully review any links and attachments that are sent, and download/visit the sites with caution.

MetroMail Secure Email will minimize your risk of even receiving these emails. This secure email system scans for malicious attachments and links that look like spam so that it never reaches your inbox. This allows you to look through your email worry free. To learn more about how can protect you with their secure email, visit our secure email page by Clicking Here.

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