Today, March 31st, is world backup day. While most people tend not to back up their data as much as they should (myself included), today is an important reminder that at any time disaster can strike, and having a backup could mean the difference between an easy restore and hours, perhaps days of rebuilding a website.

Allow me to share a quick personal story. Last week, I was working on one of my personal websites. I was doing some account maintenance, which included deleting some old FTP accounts that I had created through cPanel. The problem was that I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what I was doing, and during the deleting process I selected the option for deleting the account AND all of the files in the folder for that account.

Oops. A whole website gone in the blink of an eye. The worst part is that I had no backup. Thankfully for me it’s a WordPress website and all of the posts and pages are stored in the database which remained on the account, but all of my template customization, images, plugin data, everything else was gone. It’s taken me over a week to recover and I’m still not there yet.

The moral of the story is if you value your website at all, I urge you to reconsider how often you take your backups. It’s also important to keep these backups off of your hosting account. Say, for example, multiple hard drives fail on a server. We have safe measures and redundancies in place on our servers to try and mitigate data loss, but sometimes there is no revering from hard drive failure. When this is the case, if you kept your backup on the same storage that failed, that backup is also gone.

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