We have been working behind the scenes with McAfee to start a new partnership. With this partnership we are able to offer our customers something that has never been offered by McAfee before. All of our customers can now get McAfee Secure for their websites absolutely free. This is a completely free lite version of McAfee Secure which will give you access to their website security seal, website scanner, and more.

Next time you log in to your cPanel you’ll see an icon for McAfee Secure located under the “Software & Services” section. Simply click on the icon, choose which website you’d like to add McAfee Secure to, and McAfee will test the security of your site. Once they’ve tested the security of your site and your site is certified, the certification trustmark will automatically display on your website for up to 500 visitors per month.

mcafee secure

mcafee secureSo, what does McAfee secure actually do for your website? It lets your visitors know that your website is safe by displaying a trustmark in the bottom right corner of your website. When the visitor hovers over this trustmark it will show them that your website is McAfee Secure certified and has no malware, phishing, or any other malicious content.

Adding McAfee Secure to your website will benefit both you and your visitors. It gives you the peace of mind in knowing that there is a product working behind the scenes to make sure that your website has no malicious content on it. If, by chance, something does happen to your website you will be notified so that it can be fixed immediately.

Not only that, but McAfee Secure will also allow you to:

  • Become Secure: Get weekly security screenings from the world’s largest dedicated security company, and then tell your visitors about it.
  • Drive Your Engagement: Easing security concerns will mean a reduced bounce rate and increased visitor usage of your site.
  • Increase Conversions: With McAfee SECURE Lite, visitors spend more time doing more things on your siteā€”and that ultimately means more sales.

The best part of all? McAfee Secure Lite is absolutely free! This can be added to your website at no cost to you, and will display the trustmark to up to 500 visitors each month. Next time you log in to your cPanel go ahead and add McAfee Secure Lite and see how it can benefit your website.

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